October: Worldwide Event for James Bond 50th Years Birthday

October sure is an exciting month. I read the star newspaper article and this month is the 50 years birthday of James Bond. The 5th of October is the celebration day.

James Bond fan sure will love this. We all know that the James Bond 007 movies always involve sexy and beautiful women, fast cars, amazing technology and gadgets, weapons, and that men clothing-the casual wear suit which become the main component in those movies.

Amazingly, the James Bond 50 years birthday comes with a worldwide event specially for this October month that will be a great event to follow up.

“Worldwide events to celebrate Global Bond Day include an online charity auction, a survey to discover the favourite Bond film by country” The Star.

This is the worldwide event. I don’t mind participating in this since I’m quite a fan of action movie and especially the James Bond 007.  Moreover, the Skyfall (the latest James Bond movie) will be on screen this year, either october or november.

Besides that, in official website news of James Bond 50th years birthday, we can share on their facebook page or twitter how we celebrate this special day. I guess this will be fun 🙂

Come on guys, lets vote for the best James bond movies and share how we spend the Bond special day 🙂

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