Robbery in Malaysia

Just a few minutes ago, I saw a video being shared in facebook by one of my friend. This video is about robbery. Somehow I feel Malaysia is no longer a safe place to go around by yourself. Even when you are with one or two friends, it still not consider safe. The numbers of crime happening in Malaysia have been increasing by days. This is really something that needed to be taken care.

The video was taken on the 25th of September and being posted on facebook on the 27th of September. It happened in one of the housing area in Klang.

Here is link to the video.

The video showed, there were two girls just done parking their car in front of their house. As they came out from the car and walked to the front gate of their house, a motorbike with two guys on it stopped by in front of their house. One of the guy approached them with a knife on his hand. He asked them to give him their bags and golds. In a panic state, the girls gave their bags and golds without hesitation.

Oh yes, before that, after these two girls done parking their car, the motorbike actually had passed their house. But I think they passed just to checked their target(the girls) and the surroundings before performing their robbery action.

The housing area is seriously a quiet area. No people passing by there. Girls really need to be careful about this. Being alert of your surrounding is needed especially when you are in a quiet place. Another thing, you should go with a group of people if you are going to a quiet place. Not only one or two people, should be more people like 5 or more than 5.

Moreover, I think the Malaysia government should increase the security of the housing area more. Maybe putting more security guards since most of the housing area are often quiet.

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