Top Box Office Movie: Hotel Transylvania

I was reading the star newspaper online to kill the boredom. While browsing through the whole online newspaper, the “top box office spot” headline captures my eyes. The curiosity inside me wanted to check it out.

Hotel Transylvania one of the latest movies has been in the top spot of the list of the box office movies. First weekend out it attracted thousands of people to watch and it produced around $43 million. Just the first weekend.

I was like surprise.

That movie should be really worth to watch. I read up some review about that movie and yes, that movie  really has been the top most wanted movie and it was really a great movie to watch. It was release in Malaysia on the 27th of September and many people were queuing to get the movie tickets.

Kids, adults, teenagers and even elderly are so looking forward to this movie now.

Here’s the trailer.

 Need to watch this on this weekend xD

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