Can’t let go of the ex-relationship: Rihanna and Chris Brown

When a relationship ends, it should remain in the past. Moving on is the only choice if you really did end your relationship. You won’t look back but you will take and learn the lesson from the relationship that had ended and start a new beginning.

But, what if you still can’t let go? Will you cling into a false hope and just assume that you are still in a relationship when clearly your relationship has ended?

This article somehow make me think that even celebrities do experience “the-can’t-let-go-moment”.

In the article that I read, these two singer that had already ended their relationship seemed to still have feeling for each other. One of them (Rihanna), perhaps still can’t let go of the past.

From my perspective, she even go until the stage where making out in a club publicly is the only way to prove that she hasn’t fully let go of the past, so do Chris Brown.  I don’t really know what’s the reason behind the action that they had done. But I do believe that, there is still some unsolved chemistry or feeling between Rihanna and Chris Brown.

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