Pink October: Breast Cancer Awareness, Let’s Participate!

It is October! The breast cancer awareness month where a lot of people would love to contribute in events related breast cancer awareness. Girls especially.

As a girl, I personally think this is a really special month to remind every women or girls about this severe disease and prevent it from happening. Every year the increase number of women died because of breast cancer, is getting more and more. I read up some article and it is written that in Canada 22,700 women were diagnosed to have breast cancer and 5,100 women die because of it. This is estimated for 2012. Isn’t it horrible?

The NBCAM (National Breast Cancer Awareness Organization) promotes several services, professional medication and products to increase the awareness of breast cancer and help the breast cancer patient to overcome and recover from this disease. This is for the whole world.

As a Malaysian, I do think that we should participate on this special month. I know that this month will be totally a pink month, where everybody will wear pink. So I purchase a few pink clothes, shoes. I am planning to participate in the Breast Cancer charity event organize by my college and volunteering in BCWA (Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia).

hey bloggers, come participate too. 🙂 I bet it will be great. Doing something good for other is worth it. So let’s participate for the breast cancer awareness events. Don’t forget to wear more pink with pink ribbon on it!

Taken From Zalora Malaysia Facebook.

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