New Experience: Tasting Different Type of Bitter Gourd Juice.

If you have read my first post, you sure will know the Bitter Gourd restaurant (Fu Kua Restaurant) that I had mentioned.

Unexpectedly, I went to that restaurant a couple of days ago with a friend and I tried their different type of bitter gourd juices.  Before that, the reason we come to this restaurant is because of the suggestion we get from our gym instructor. Our gym instructor suggested us to take more bitter gourd since it was a healthy food and also can help us lose weight.

So we tried the juices instead of the food.

We ordered bitter gourd juice with apple, bitter gourd juice with orange, bitter gourd juice with lemon, bitter gourd juice with pineapple, and bitter gourd juice with star fruit.

If we see with our eyes, there is no difference but when we tasted it, it has that aroma and sourish taste which differentiate each fruit. Somehow it’s tasty and delicious.

I like the bitter gourd with orange and the bitter gourd with pineapple. Try it guys 🙂

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