Funny Face at Zalora video

Yesterday, I was so bored at college while waiting for the time to pass to attend the next class.  To kill some time, I decided to surf the net. I was surfing for around one hour on the internet and I stumbled upon this zalora video on youtube. Somehow I laugh so hard when I see the delivery guy expression.

It was so funny. The expression of the delivery guy was so funny. His shocked expression wasn’t showing shock. Somehow it’s more to responding to the girl shout. His shout combined with his face expression was so unique.

Luckily, it is recorded, this can be use to kill the boredom. I watched the video more than three times already and I still laughed about the face expression.

I showed this video to my friend  and she was also laughing because of the expression.

The expression is so priceless up until now. lol

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