It’s a Girl Thing ;)


When comes to fashion, what I love about it, is matching up the accessories, outfits, bags, make up, high heels to come out with a great look that perfectly suits just for you.


Of course girls are better at this than guys. Which is why I like to see what the girls around me wear and how they match it up since different people have different creativity in mix-and-match what they wear


I was kind of surprise when one of my friend came to college with a pink theme on her look and it was suitable for her. A beautiful pair of high heels combined with a pink tight jeans and blazer. Wow, she looked like a candy and another thing was she put some strawberry fragrance which made her really has that sweet taste and smell. Hmm…. Not bad for a style for the beginning of the month.




Another style that captured my attention was the elegance color of blue and black. It was such a good combination of color in my opinion. I noticed a friend of mind wore it for a photo-shoot today and somehow she brought out the elegance and professionalism in her by what she wore. Black blazer with a blue basic that perfectly suits her. Nice. And she put some combination of tight jeans in blue color and a black high heel that made her leg longer and thinner. Sexy. It was a really interesting style.


I love observing what people around me wear. Especially girls, because most of them are somehow good at this. It’s innate in them and it’s their thing.


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