Zalora Malaysia : Thank You !

I have been waiting for this around 3 days and finally I get it. So happy!

It’s kind of scary for the waiting part because of the bad comments that I get from Google about Zalora Malaysia service and wrong item thingy. But since I have never purchased online before, I want to try and I know that leads me to take a huge risk of not getting the right product or maybe late delivery. Well that’s the risk, but I heard from a few of my friends who can be considered as online shoppers, that shopping online is much more convenient and easy. Moreover, you can do it anywhere. So why not try?

And to be honest, I am really happy to choose them as my first online shopping website. Really glad!

I bought a pair of Nike shoes. I love the design and now I have it right in front of me. Gosh!! Really happy. The process is pretty easy in the website, I thought it’s gonna be complicated, but its not.

I will definitely buy from zalora again next time. I guess all company has issues now and when comes to judging whether it is good or bad, I need to judge it with my own eyes, by experiencing it. I’m glad you are serious in improving your services!

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