Guys Gossiping Look Interesting..

Gossip is usually stories, rumors or information within a group of people that bring spread to another group of people. And normally girls are better at this.

Apparently, what triggered me to discuss about this topic is when a group of guy gossiping. It looked perfectly weird because they started to have those girls aura around them.

Today, as I stopped by at my favorite starbucks coffee shop near SS2. I began spending my time there browsing the net randomly, but a group of guys (three people) sitting right in front of me captured my attention. They began to gossip and seriously it totally looked like a girls talk because it involved some whispering and talking so near to each other that somehow looked gay to me.

But still I found it interesting to observe them gossiping as I know guys seldom gossip with other guys, so this was an interesting observation.

I realized that, when guys gather together to gossip was much more fun than girls because they have that kind of unique + funny look in their face expression. And most of the looks showed their childish side and faces that was really an interesting thing to observe.

Why is it interesting? Because most of the guys will always look tough. They don’t really open themselves or show different kind of faces in normal talking.

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