Girl with Tomboy Style

I had a few girl friends that’s considered tomboyish and I found them a cool type of person. Their style, the clothes, accessories they wear looked perfectly great on them. Another thing was they’re more like boyish, which means they know how to play video game, skateboard, basketball, break dance  football, and many more. All of the activities that they did were the activity that’s more suitable for guys.

More interestingly, what I like about them was their fashion. Even the simplest style like a jeans and T-shirt could make them looks wonderfully cool. It’s like their cool side being exposed. Isn’t it amazing?

I had asked them before how they match up their style and make their appearances bring out the boy side from the inside of them and most of them will say this “It’s just a combination of ordinary T-shirt and some rugged jeans that bring out the boyish side. Other than that, doing your favorite or simple sport like running will bring out more of the cool side from the inside of you.”

Some answer right? Somehow they are really cool type of people.

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