The Patience of Teaching Someone.

Today my eyes caught a real life image in the school library and it taught me something. A friend of mine taught some subject to my other friend and she was teaching my other friend with full tolerance.

Even when my other friend couldn’t grasp what does she mean or asked back some unrelated question, my friend still in a very patient mode taught and answered her patiently without any rage or anger expression appear in her expression.

Moreover, my friend taught with a happy face yet with a very serious intention to make sure my other friend fully understand the subject.

Then I’m thinking about that. Trying to reflect it to myself, I can teach someone, yet there are times when I don’t really have the patience to teach someone and it turns out I have that anger expression because they don’t get what I mean.

But then my friend taught me that teaching someone need patient because people mind are different in grasping what was being taught. Making them understand is not easy but with having more patience you can eventually understand them and make them understand  what you are trying to say.

A good lesson. Being patience is good

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