Random Thoughts: Beach Beach Beach!

Malaysia weather is hot and it’s terrible. But this is the time to spend some holiday at the beach.

I’m at the beach now and wearing a summer dress with an oversize sunglasses and a summer hat. Just a couple of minutes ago, under the hot sun, I was walking at the side of the beach and bringing my guitar. While singing Jason Miraz song (I won’t give up on you), I felt the hot breeze and heat from the sea and sun. Gosh, my holiday gift will be a tanned skin. I guess I will love.

A lot of tourist tanned their skin by enjoying the hot embrace of the sun.

I’m just pouring my thoughts now while enjoying the scenery of the beach. Blue waves, white sands, coconut trees, kids playing and running, more importantly a couple strolling at the side of the beach. Okay, that’s the view that I’m trying to translate into words.

More importantly, I’m enjoying my short holiday with my perfect outfit and guitar. 🙂

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