A guy with a baby skin

I got a friend which has the skin of a baby. The surprising one he is a guy. This makes him looks perfect in appearances.

His skin is flawless. Not even a single dot of pimples or scar in it. More importantly, it is white in color and as soft as silk. How a guy could have that kind of skin?
If a girl has that kind of skin will be good and pretty, but when a guy has that kind of skin, should we call him pretty guy?

When I asked him about how he made his skin so flawless, he just said it’s natural, he didn’t use any skin product. So it is genetic.

When I notice more, his skin has this change-in-color mode which actually makes him look like a baby. You know, sometimes a skin can turn into red color when it’s hot.

And that’s what his skin does. But the unique part is only the skin on his cheek that turns red when the temperature gets hot. That makes him look like as though he is blushing., and in a cute way he does look like a baby.

Baby skin is always so soft and smooth; it’s amazing when a guy can have this type of skin even in such an adult age.

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