Question to myself

This poem was made 3 years ago by a friend. It is basically about a girl thinking about her future and questioning her purpose to her life. She keeps on seeking her purpose by travelling through the world and remembering the past.


Why am I born to this world? To this family?

What is the purpose?

I ask my family, they said “You are born to do something good.”

What is that something good?

What change could I make in this world when the world is already changed?

“God has a plan for you.”

Then what is his plan? If he really does exist, what he wants me to do?

I am confuse and lost.

I see people who find purpose of their life, and why I didn’t find my purpose of life?

Why I don’t have it?

I ask a thousand questions and I don’t get the answer.

Travel around the world and questioning everything that has happened to me in the past, to find my purpose

Yet, I still don’t understand.

Why am I born to this world?

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