The Benefits of Banana

When comes to fruit, banana is one of the most beneficial fruit. This is because it provide certain benefit that no other fruit can produce. All fruits are unique, so does this yellow skinned fruit.

Here are the benefits:

1. More Energy.
It is proven that banana does give more energy physically. The natural sweetness and richness of carbohydrate is the reason why it provide more energy than other fruit. Many runners, hikers, or hardcore sportsman eat banana before they do their sports activity. They have more energy to perform their sport activity after eating banana and this term usually called carboloading.

2. Reduce the risk of having anemia
Anemia usually happen when a person does not have enough rest and food. This causes the red blood cell or hemoglobin being reduced drastically and in result the person will become very tired and pale. The weariness is extraordinary, because the person will feel extremely weak. Banana can help reduce the risk of having anemia. With the potassium in it, it gives the body more hemoglobin and, eventually it will decrease the risk of having anemia.
A person that has donate his blood is suggested to have banana more.

3.  Increase Brain Power
A research from the UK has been done, and it is proven that banana can increase the brain power of a person. Having a banana for breakfast before starting your study activity, can help you increase you brain power. It has been proven that, students who eat banana for their breakfast are able to increase their concentration and awareness during their study. They will feel fit.

There is a lot more of benefits this yellow skinned fruit can give, but the this are the three main thing.

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