The Famous Mee Rebus of Satay Station



I have been craving for Satay Station’s Mee Rebus for a few weeks. I still could remember how good it tasted the last time I went there during Ramadhan.

So sempena CNY ni, family datang rumah nak jalan2 katanya dekat rumah sedara area Selangor. Ada lah dalam dua malam diorang tidur rumah aku, bawak diorang makan dekat Satay Station yang dah lama ku idamkan. Ini lah orang tua kata, tembak dua ekor burung dengan sebiji pelur. Eh betul ke tidak? kihkih

But somehow we did have fun having our dinner there 🙂

The restaurant may not heavily decorated with colourful walls or something but still a good place to have dinner with family and friends. You would enjoy that with the help of their good and fast service plus the foods were reallyyyyy good! we had Mee Rebus and even bought home some Satay 😉


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