Freckles Are Assets, Not Flaws!

Some people are born with freckles, and others develop them after years of sun exposure. Since they’re common and almost always harmless, there’s not usually any health reason to treat freckles. On some skin types, freckles can never be permanently removed. For other skin types, it is sufficient to reduce sun exposure over time for the freckles to fade away.

I do have freckles and to be honest the statement above is really a disappointment for me. I dont hate them but I just want to get rid of them. I Googled earlier and found simplest ways to remove freckles. Apply lemon juice on freckles and stay away from the sun exposure because it triggers them *i just knew this! sigghhhhhh (-.-)

But I noticed some of the famous names and celebrities or fashion icons have freckles even not really noticeable under their make up and all.



Emma Stone


Rachel Bilson


Lucy Liu


Emma Watson


Megan Fox

So I guess after seeing these ladies we can say freckles are asset, not flaws?! Hurmmm…


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