Vikingdom KRU ke Pasaran Antarabangsa



Guys, do u know that KRU Studios, yes group abang2 yang dulu fames dgn lagu Ooh La La tu, they are coming up with a new movie called Vikingdom and the best part is its gonna be in 3D just like their previous 29 Februari which was the first 3D movie in Malaysia.

Heard they are targeting this movie for the international market. Hurmmm dont wanna be bias or wat but hey im gonna give my full support for their hard works! Bravo KRU!

vikingdom cast banner


Pelakon-Utama-VikingdomPelakon pun ramai matsaleh uol. So pilih mana korang nak. Macam buffet style western. haha

Jom tengok video trailer filem Vikingdom ni.


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